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Volissos, the capital of the newly established municipality of Amani, is a charming village that lies on a hill next to the coast, 40 kilometers northwest from Chios city.

It is the center of the entire villages spread east and west of the mountain of Amani and is interconnected with them by a roadway. The port of Limnia, 2 kilometers from Volissos, represents the sea connection with the island of Psara.

A visit to this village, with narrow streets, clustered houses and friendly neighbors, crowned by an 11th Century Genoese castle, will give one the feeling of being inside the vanishing traditional Greece. Furthermore, the feeling of relax and tranquility that Volissos gives to its visitors does not stop you to have a good time tasting the traditional Greek food and drinks at any of the tavernas and cafes in the village, the coast or the harbor.

Some of the most characteristic features of Volissos are the watermills and the numerous Byzantine churches, which you can visit following the path starting from the village. From all the churches, the most important is the monastery of Agia Markella (the most celebrated Saint on Chios), which lies eight kilometers from Volissos. Every year, on the 22nd of July, there are organized religious festivities for her celebration. Besides, the Castle of Volissos is really impressive. It has a trapezoid shape, with six circular towers and its said to be built by Velissarios, the General of the Byzantine Emperor Ioustinianos. Inside are several constructions, reservoirs and churches, as well as a tunnel connecting the castle with the sea and the surrounding of Pithonas.The castle at the top, as a local song quotes "bridles, ignoring the time pass." It provides the visitor with excellent view and sends his mind on a journey back in time.

Of course, you can also enjoy the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea from any of the wonderful beaches that are located near the village of Volissos, such as Managros, Magemena, Lefkathia, Limnos and the beach of Agia Markella.