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Kardamyla is a borough built on the site of ancient Kardamilis, 28 kilometers from the city of Chios. The town is divided into two settlements, which together are the home of approximately 2000 inhabitants.

It is the birthplace of freedom fighters such as Chartoulakis (in the Middle Ages) and Kontanignotis (in the 1821 War of Independence). Two other important citizens of this town were the venerable Nikiphoros, a historian of the monastery of Nea Moni, and Georgios Zolotas, the historian of Chios.

The houses have an deep traditional architecture: Narrow streets, curbstone alleys and covered passages are typical Greek features. The same accounts for the houses mainly built with stone and decorated with flowers and plants. The upper section, surrounding the steep hill, is the older village, whereas the lower village, called Marmaro, is located on the coast, covered by a beautiful bay, around 2 kilometers  away from the old settlement. It has many exquisite mansions, constructed by the numerous seafarers and ship owners tracing their origins back to this place. As a result the people of Kardamyla have always loved the sea, for it is firstly their source of income, and partly their home.

The statue of the Sailor from Kardamyla, sculptured by the artist Apartis, is a distinguishing mark of Marmaro and situated square of the harbor. Walking in the narrow streets of Marmaro, visiting the old villages and seeing its citizens - all these impressions will give one the typical feeling of the island of Chios.

The area is also famous for its many delightful beaches: Nagos and Yiosonas are considered being among the best of all. The area of Nagos is five kilometers from Kardamyla. Some of the features that form the enchanting landscape of the area, are the running water springs, the high maple-trees, the dense vegetation and a a wonderful beach with colorful small pebbles. Apart from this kind of beauty, Nagos is highly suitable for summer holidays, since there are plenty of rooms to rent, cafés, bars and restaurants. One of the most picturesque villages one can also visit is situated at the foot of Pelinaio, the highest mountain of all Chios.