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The beautiful village of Vrontados is the continuation of the city of Chios. This seaside borough is five kilometers northwards from it and has 4500 inhabitants.

The local population built the whole town with an enormous love and care. It is a refined place, whose beauty shines through its comfortable houses with gardens and courtyards, piers and small harbors with colored boats.

The Monument of the Missing Sailor is the ornament of Vrontados, set in the central square. Folk-art objects, old books and natural science material are the main collection in the Museum of the Association for Progress, which is the village's cultural beacon.

Daskalopetra ("the stone of the teacher") is a famous monument standing outside the harbor. According to the legend, it is the place where Homer sat when teaching his poems. It is a fact though, that a school of Homeric Epic Bards flourished in this area during antiquity. Besides its historical importance, Daskalopetra has a beautiful view of the sea and a nice beach for swimming.

The area of Vrontados is also famous for the monastery of Panagia Myrsiniotissa and the church of Agios Stephanos. The historical Monastery of Mersinidi, which is dedicated to the Mother of God, is situated in the north of Vrontados, on an aslope place above the sea. When ships pass by they use to sound their horns to greet the Mother of God.