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Last Updated on 22 September 2011

Central Chios

Many villages, beaches and monasteries are found in the central part of the island, starting by the capital of the island, the town of Chios. However, even though they "compete" with the historical and political center of the island, each one of these spots has its own charm and its role in the history of the island. So just find the one that sounds more attracting to you... or else visit all of them! Would you like to follow us?

From Chios town, the way west of Hora to Nea Moni is continually upward. First thing you encounter on your way to the top is the recent monastery of Voithia, dated from 1925. This is one of the monasteries that it is still inhabited, and its nuns make wonderful craftwork and embroidered pieces. Six kilometers away from Hora, a little further up on the way, the road crosses the small village of Karyes, famous for its springs of fresh water and for its amazing and unique panoramic view of Chios and the shores of Asia Minor.

Still further up, after the Kourna monastery on the left hand side of the road, a thick forest of pine trees dresses the Provation mount. Again on the left, the place where Agios Markos lived as a hermit is located further on the way. Today it is a small monastery whose view is almost comparable to that from Karyes.

Continuing to the west, 15 kilometers away from Hora and more or less in the middle of the island, stands Nea Moni. This impressive worldwide known Byzantine church is the most important monument of the island, as well as one of the most important churches in all Greece.

One kilometer after Nea Moni you will find the church of Agioi Pateres, and if you go back 3 kilometers from there (two before reaching Nea Moni), you will see another road on the right that takes to Avgonyma through a small forest. Avgonyma is a very small village lost in the mountain from where you will have one of the best views of the west shores of the island, specially at sunset.

Four kilometers after Avgonima, after turning north, you will find Anavatos, the Mystras of the Aegean. This overwhelming deserted village is located at the top of a high rock, completely inaccessible from three of its four sides because of natural defenses. Besides, the image given by its gray stone houses is that of a ghost village, dominated at the top by the still conserved church of Taxiarchis.

Next to the east coast, spreads the smooth plain area of Vrontados, where the town of Chios is located. North of it stands the village of Vrontados, a sailor wealthy village. In one of its bays you will find the beach of "Ormos Lo", and a little to the north, the attractive shore of Daskalopetra. There stands the stone that Homer supposedly used as a desk to read his poems, a big rock surrounded by traces of holy sculptures.

Finally, after "Vrissi Passa" (the local name for this area), the road continues up to the top the mountain. On the right, before reaching the top, in a smooth area with a great view of Vrontados and of the shores of the Middle East, lies the tomb of a contemporary Greek literary figure covered with rhymes and epigrams: that of Yannis Psicharis.