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Location: Nenita

Pamegiston Taxiarchon Monastery was established in 1305 in honor of the Dormition of the Virgin. However, it was renamed Monastery of Taxiarchon after the discovery of the icon of Archangel Michael (one of the Taxiarchi) in 1306 in the following miraculous way: When the monk Parthenios of Morea, on the Greek mainland, painted the icon, he dedicated it to this monastery and tossed it into the sea. The waves brought it to the shore of Thymiana, in Chios. The villagers who found it decided to build a church where they could place it, but in their dreams the Archangel appeared and instructed them to bring the icon to this monastery instead.

After the original structures were destroyed in the terrible earthquakes of 1881, the present monastic ones were built. The monastery celebrates its feast day on November. Today, there are eight nuns living inside