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Aug 11
Last Updated on 22 September 2011

Aghia Markella


Aghia Markella was born in Volissos. The church that is dedicated to the saint was built 7 km to the north, on the sandy beach of the bay that bears the same name. It is a small but beautiful church, and the villagers have taken care of it with great devoutness. In the courtyard stand a considerable number of cells, so this is a good place for the holiday makers to rest or to stay for the night.

About 20 minutes away from he church, on the beach, there is the place where the saint died a martyr to her faith and where the holy water spurts from the rocks. Therefore, the 22nd of July is dedicated to Aghia Markella and many pilgrims come here from all over the island, together with Chians who live in other parts of Greece and abroad. It is the biggest celebration in Chios area. After spending the night together telling tales that describe the miracles which have been performed in the place, the saint's feast takes on the form of a pinching wonder and, once the Mass is finished, the pilgrims are sprayed with the holy water.