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Aug 11
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The village of Kourounia, consisting of four settlements (mahalades), lies just after the village of Egrigoros and about 18 km from Volissos.

The region embracing this village and the mountainsides around it is famous for the production of a local wine called kourouniotiko, which is said to come from the well-known 'Ariousian' wine of Antiquity. Lately, the local authorities have made some efforts to revive the production of this wine variety to produce the 21st century 'Ariousian wine'.

The cultural tradition of the region is also pretty important, prove of what are the items of the noteworthy ecclesiastical museum, housed in the school building. In Erinos, a place situated in the old village, there are also the remnants of a polygonal fortress and excavations in the area have brought to light an inscription of Hercules.

Interesting to know is the fact that the clinic community uses a teleconference medical care system that also serves the medical needs of the neighboring villages.