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The village of Lithi (actually "Lithimena") is located four kilometers away from Vessa (at a distance of 23 kilometers from the city of Chios). Its name comes probably from the attribute of "Alithis limin" (true heaven), given by the travelers finding shelter for the night there.

Lithi is the birthplace of Andreas Syngros, whose family house can still be seen, and Agios Nektarios, the bishop of Pentapolis, and of his nephew, the self-taught painter Kefalas.

The village is also famous for its excellent fish, since the local population consists mainly of fishermen. The usually can be seen repairing their webs next to the large fishing boats anchored in Omalia, Lithi's beautiful sandy beach, surrounded by hills with medieval watchtowers ("viglas"). Beside the view, the villages small local taverns will provide the visitors with delicious red mullets, huge blackfish, bass fish and lobsters from the Aegean Sea.

Moreover, the sunset at Lithi is truly unforgettable!