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Nenitouria is located 65 kilometers north of the city of Chios and only about 20 kilometers away from the village of Volissos. It is constituted by the union of four communities: Psaros, Kosmados, Hametos and Antrahlias.

When entering the village, visitors are impressed by the dale covered with plane trees and large stones, drowning in the gushing waters that brushes across their surface in the wintertime. These are the Amanis waters. The mountainside cradles the village, giving it a slight resemblance to an amphitheatre. Olive trees, pine trees, plane trees, oak trees and bushes surround the village. The picturesque beach of the Nenitouria is approximately five kilometers from the village and named after the old chapel located on the beach, dedicated to the Saint Agios Georghios Krasas.

Four seperated districts with the names Hametos, Psaros, Kosmados and Antrachlias compose the village Nenitouria. The chapel of Panaghia Evagelistria, built on the river side on a dome basis, as well as the old wind mills are worth visiting. A very old chapel, St. George, is built at the beautiful beach of the village.

Sadly there are not may inhabitants of Nenitouria nowadays, and most homes are in ruins and abandoned (the fourth community, Antrahlias, is completely deserted). Yet though the residents' homes are scattered across three communities, the common meeting point remains the church of Taxiarchis, with the stoned kiosk and the "Belfry Local".