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Dafnonas is a beautiful settlement, located about nine kilometers from the city of Chios.

This village name originates from the dafnes ("laurels") and it is located on the slopes of mount "Kakia Skala", from where it oversees all the area, including the villages of Kambochora and Kambos, the Agean Sea and the coast of Ionia (Asia Minor). According to the legend, the village was formed from an old village at Petrana, at Kanavoutsata, or at Lavrina, which was transferred to its present location in the end of the 10th or the beginning of the 11th century.

Agios Panteleimon is the favored Saint of the village. His temple is situated at the entrance of the village with a wonderful stone bell tower, built in 1990. There is also a church dedicated to Agios Georgios', as well as an ancient temple, which has been renovated recently.

Around the village are many other places that are worth a visit, such as Kanavoutsato, Stratigato or Vestarchato, with plenty of medieval and ancient Greek sights. Besides, these towns also display the marks of the past Genoese leadership, like the ruined castle in the center of the village, the tower in Lavrina and many more.