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Aghioi Anargyri


The monastery of Aghoi Anargyri at Thymiana was built circa 1639. In the past, many people, especially those with mental problems, came to the monastery in order to draw on the healing energies of the miraculous saints (St. Damianos and St. Kosmas) in whose name the chapel was built since the Anargyri were medical doctors in their lifetime.

According to legend, the nuns who lived there were always 28. Whenever the nun's number reached 29, a nun would die; that's why the number remained always the same.

The monastery ceased to function after the death of Sister Filothei in 1987. Plans were in order for the establishment of an ecclesiastical high school on the premises in 1995.

Aghia Matrona


Aghia Matrona is not far away from the village Mesa Didima and was built by the noble Roidis in 1470. In the beginning he intended to build a summer villa, however, St. Matrona appeared in a dream and instructed him to build the Monastery instead. His sisters were the first two nuns to enter the Monastery. The spiritual leader of the Monastery during the Turkish Occupation was the Holy Nikiforos of Chios. He wrote the 24 Hymns of Aghia Matrona.

Today, there are four nuns in the Monastery, which celebrates the Saint's Feast Day on October 20th of each year.

Aghion Pateron


The Cloister of Aghion Pateron was built by three ascetics, who later became instrumental in the founding of Nea Moni Monastery, on the site of the cave. The cave was given to the monk Jeremiah of Crete in 1688, and later he reconstructed it into a church and cells. When Jeremiah died in 1868, Pahomios, the holy monk from the village of Elata, asked for the buildings which he converted into the largest monastic center on the island.

In 1900 hagiography flourished there. There are four monks at the cloister today. Entrance is forbidden to women after sunset.

Aghia Skepi

The monk Cornelius established this temple in the village of Halkios. It honors the name of the Virgin of Protection, whose feast day is October 28. There are two nuns in the Retreat today.

Aghios Yiorgis

The Monastery, which is located in the area of Kofina, was founded by the Chian monk Neilos in 1770. Athanasios Parios, the wise theologian, lived there as a monk, and was buried in the area of the grave of Saint Nikiforos of Chios. In the temple there is also the grave of Yiorgos Zolotas, one of the wisest men of Chios.

Monastery Moyndon

The late byzantine monastery of Moundon near Diefcha with 475 beautiful paintings, all in a good condition.