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The PEKEV, the Civilized Cultural Union of Vrontados, is a cultural center that has been developing important cultural and recreational activities in Vrontados since 1955. It is located in a three-stored building that also houses a big cinema, a library, the Naval Museum, some exhibition spaces, rooms for meetings and table games, and a leisure space for dancing and other events.

Apart from this, the center publishes a monthly newspaper, The step of Vrontados, and is responsible for a dancing group. It also started with success the local groups of Greek Boy-scouts and Guide-girls.

Other cultural associations in the region are "I Analipsi" (the Ascension), activated in the Karyes, and "Fili tou Anavatou" (Friends of Anavatos). Besides, the Municipality Homeropolis recently founded an organism with cultural, environmental and athletic aims.