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Last Updated on 22 August 2011

About Chios

Chios is one of the islands of the north-east Aegean, very close to Asia Minor and opposite the Erithrea peninsula, separated from it by the Chios Canal. The country of Chios extends to 842 square kilometers and has a population of about 54.000 people.

The capital of Chios - Chora collects about the half of the population.
The country consists of 10 Municipalities (Chios, Homeroupolis, Kardamila, Kampochora, Mastichochoria, Amanis, Psara, Inousses, Ionia, Agiou Mina) most of them were formed after the joining of small communities.

The higher top of the island is the one at Pelineo mountain at the north part of the island and it is about 1297 meters high. Other important mountains of the Island are: Provatas and Epos.
The climate of Chios is typical for the Mediterranean, with usual north or north-west strong winds and temperatures not exceeding 28 or 29 degrees Celsius. It has a calm winter and few rains in the summer time. Merchant marine plays a very important role in the economy of Chios.

The main port is the one of the city of Chios, which is capable to host private yachts too, but there are also some of secondary importance, those of Lagada on the north coastline, Marmaro on the north-east, Mesta on the south-west coast and Limnia situated on the west coastline.

One of the most important products of the island is Mastic, which is uniquely produced on it. It is famous and world - widely renowned for its aroma and taste. Mastic is cultivated in Mastichochoria and about 20 tons of it are exported to other countries. Other products are jams, oil, wine, citrus crop and cereals.

It consists of three islands: Chios (which is the fifth in size Greek island, the total length of it's shores being 213 km), Inousses and Psara.