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South beaches

KarfasGoing south you will find Megas Limnionas, and further from it, Agia Fotia and Agios Aimiliano, the first larger and more popular than the second one. The black pebbled beach of Mavra Volia is one the jewels of the coast of Chios. Wherever you are, if you need a room or a restaurant just look in the villages around the beaches, although you will find a wider offer in Komi and Agia Fotia.

A few kilometers south of the city of Karfas, in a bay, we find one of the most popular beaches in the island. This sandy cosmopolitan beach offers everything to the visitors, from a wide range of sea-sports, to a great variety of full services such as restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, rooms and car rentals.

The water is very shallow and warm, and therefore the beach is especially suitable for families with little children. During the high-season time in the mid-summer, the beach can sometimes get a little bit too overcrowded, since its beauty makes it popular among both locales and tourists.

Outside the village of Thymiana, along a road full of turns down on the left side of the central road, we reach the beautiful pebbled beach with light green-blue water of Agia Fotia (Agia Fotini).

KomiRight in the beach you will find a bar just great either to enjoy coffee and refreshments during the morning, or to have a drink at night before moving to any other club - stall.

Besides, those summer visitors who want more isolated and relaxed vacations will meet the calm they are looking for in the small tourist settlement with all the comforts located next to the beach.

Apart from this, taverns, small shops with first need products and rooms to let with a view to the sea complement this well organized tourist place for you and your family. Have a nice time!

Komi is an enchanting beach of Kalamoti. In recent years, it has been rapidly become a significant sea resort apart from the village of Komi. There, south of Kalamoti, it is also located the significant church of Panaghia Agrelopoussaina, which constitutes a dependent monastery of Nea Moni.

6 kms from the well-known willage of Pirghi you will find Emporios or Mavra Volia, full of black pebbles and, according to many, the most beautiful beach of Chios. In fact, this beach is the sum of three small beaches, each in its small bay. The lava coming from one of the two non-active volcanoes that enclose the beach is what gave the black color to the pebbles covering the area. Thus, the peculiarity of the black pebbles, the steep rock that imposingly stands above the beach, as well as the crystal clear waters, are the features that make this area more than suitable for summer vacations.

Mavra VoliaMegas Limnionas, next to Agia Ermioni, is famous for its wonderful, sandy beach. It is considered the resort of Thymiana and it has many summerhouses, mostly owned by people from this village as it is only at approximately 3 km from it.

Protected from the winds, the beach invites the visitors to enjoy their summer bathe in the calm sea, even from behind the rocks that surround the bight. After, the pebbled beach invites you to lie down for a suntan until lunchtime, when you can visit one of the taverns around and taste their delicious food.

All these taverns have a common characteristic: their walls are painted with traditional fishing boats, fishing - nets, friends having fun and beautiful sunrises. Besides, there has been a big tourism development in the area with the creation of rented rooms, small hotels and cafeterias during the past few years.


Another interesting beachs are Gridia which is located on the south of Chios 2,5 km away from the village of Nenita and beautiful Komi beach located 4 kms away from the village of Kalamoti. Fana beach is located 8,5kms away from village of Olympi and Limena beach 4kms away from Mesta.

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