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Last Updated on 13 November 2012

North beaches

In the north part you will find the beautiful beaches of Nagos, Giossonas, and Volissos, among other. Here, after a long day next to the sea, you can recover some energy trying some Greek typical dishes at any of the taverns in the villages next to them. Besides, if you have a car, you can also visit other sights.

Six kilometers to the north of Kardamyla is located the small beach of Nagou, a small oasis that has been honored with the light blue flag by the European Union. Some of the most famous features that form the amazing landscape of the area are the running water springs, the high maple-trees, the dense vegetation and a wonderful beach with colorful small pebbles. In the rocks, above the sea, there are two small hotel complex and few taverns.

A little bit to the north, there is the picturesque beach of Iosona, as it was named in the antiquity. There, its enormous waves will make your bathe livelier under the bright sun, an exciting experience for those who love adventure and action. Besides, in this small bight there emanate also spring waters coming from the Pelineo right into the depth of the sea.

The western coast of Volissos shapes many wild sandy beaches perfect for swimming and water games. One of them is Managros, a beautiful beach that in summer functions also as a boy-scouts camp.

Another amazing sandy beach of crystal waters is Magemena, whose name (mageio, enchant) speaks for itself. Following come the beaches of Lefkatha and Limnos, where you will be able to enjoy some local mezedes at any of their taverns. Between them, there is Limna, the picturesque harbor of Volissos whose taverns are daily supplied by the experienced fishermen of the area and from where you can take one of the regular ships to the island of Psara.

A little north from there, the road leads to the beautiful beach of Agias Markella, a deep beach with cold fresh water. Next to it stands the homonym monastery, honoring the Saint’s martyrdom in the beach whose traces can still be seen.

In the beach  of Agiasmata with its baths you can admire the sea with huge waves. Visitors of hydroterapy clinic are numerous especially in summer. They enjoy the magnificent sight. Driving from Keramos to Agismata you will find the old mines of antinomium.(Kind of metal)

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